Yumi is the Keshiki term for bows. This includes the Daikyū, or longbow, as well as the hankyū, or short bow. The practice of archery is known as Kyūjutsu in Keshiki.

The basic design, in a departure from its Versat cousin, is asymmetric. The grip is positioned about one third of the bows length from the bottom and the remaining curves differ as well. The reason for this difference is not known for sure- some claim its design was been optimized for horse back firing while others argue it helps the firing of the bow from a kneeling position.

The bow itself is usually made from bamboo. While the shape of the bow will deform over time, it can be reformed when needed through application of pressure and the usage of shaping blocks. The string or tsuru of a yumi is usually made from hemp and is rarely replaced before it breaks, since its flexing is considered beneficial to the firing of the bow.

Diagram of a yumi bow.



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