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Xandain has always been open to emigration. Large numbers of humans emigrated from the continents of Lesherac and later Versat. In time, small populations arrived from Keshiki and even small teams, focusing mostly on the Cometfall Crater, from Sarcosa. They never really unified as a military force due to the way they trickled in and their wide dispersion across the continent, separated by strong and established nations of elves and whitesand elves, dwarves and hachae dwarves, gnomes and afflicted gnomes, lizardfolk and wildmen, and even halflings. To this day, the continent of Xandain is lightly settled.

More than any other continent, the humans of Xandain have a polyglot history. Their cultural identity includes influences far beyond the sources of their race from other lands- from primarily Lesherac and Versat with smaller contributions from Keshiki and even Sarcosa. Due to their divisions and dilution, they were not able to become the dominant force on the continent. This has led them to be far more open than most humans on Materia to not only embrace other races traditions, but to interbreed with them as well. The results of those matings face far less prejudice than in any other land in the world.

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xandain human

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