A wizard, in the very general sense, is an arcane magic user who has gained the ability to cast their spells through knowledge and rigorous study. Wizards have to prepare the spells they wish to cast at the beginning of the day, spending time reading their spellbooks. A wizard’s collection of spells in their books can be as vast as they can manage to accumulate, giving a wizard with the ability to choose their spells wisely an incredible amount of versatility between days. A wizard’s years of dedicated study place them among the most powerful of all spell casting professions.

When a wizard wishes to focus their efforts on one particular school of magic, they usually become a specialist wizard.

Known Wizards
Htaed Scythsoulwizard leader of the Academy at Glacerin
Jordache Azariapyromancer
Krandler Crimsonghastwizard/alchemist
Mondain Giantkillerwizard
Nadia Valleronwizard/necromancer
Nimozaran the Greenwizard guild leader in Fallcrest
Schloddy Badfastwizard
Sedric Blightningwizard/necromancer
Xanaphia Siannodelwizard/necromancer


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