Windy Tree


A lonely village containing one shop and an inn. The bulk of the villages actual landmass is taken up by a sizable graveyard that runs along the south edge of the village. The graveyard seems to have a near constant fog hanging over it all day and all night.

Windy Tree gets its name from the sound the trees make at night in the wind which is unlike any other in the world. Many researchers believe that the type of trees that grow in that area are of a special type of wood that whistles when wind is added. Others believe the unusually large graveyard plays some part in the strange noises at night. Windy Tree has had a number of problems with grave robbing because of the graveyard.

The road leading north out of the village heads to the town of Talisman. If you leave south and head that way, you will arrive in Gremsdale.

=Recent Events=
One of the townsfolk swears he saw a mighty procession of undead marching through town. He is not sure of the numbers, but definitely saw a huge shape like an elephant. He claims that the riders stopped in the graveyard to engage in some sort of evil necromantic rituals but is unsure of the details as he was too busy running away to notice. Most of the townsfolk dismiss his tale, but there were some strange and very large tracks the next morning…

Village (Population: 690)

Western Versat Human Territories

=Departing Roads=
North (1 day) – Talisman
South (1 day) – Gremsdale

General Shop – Adventuring equipment and tools (General Store)
The Wailing – Inn

Associated People
Saphira and Miriam – Born here
Grog – Usually hangs out here with Saphira
Tyvo, Gob, and Shifter were born here and were childhood friends of Miriam

Interesting Places
Creepy Graveyard – South edge of the village.


Windy Tree

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