wind walker


Wind walkers are creatures from the Elemental Plane of Air. They are often summoned to the Material Plane by wizards or clerics who employ them as guards. On occasion, a wind walker is encountered in the service of a cloud giant, storm giant, efreet, djinn, or other such creature.

A wind walker’s natural form is that of a roaring and whistling column of wind. No discernible features can be seen in the wind walker.

A wind walker attacks by using the surrounding air to pummel a single opponent. The wind takes the form of a large, howling, swirling cone of air. A wind walker has no other method of attack. They are immune to poison, sleep, and paralysis; they also cannot be stunned or hit critically. Due to their form they are always invisible; this is not a magical effect so it cannot be dispelled. Wind Walkers can not only detect thoughts but they are telepathic as well.

wind walker

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