These reptilian creature looks vague humanoid and a little shorter than a human. They have spindly arms and walk upright on short legs trailing a long, slender tail. They has black, beady eyes and a crest on their head. They are warlike and savor the taste of their enemies, especially humanoids of all flavors. They often raid humanoid settlements and ambush caravans.

They are capable of secreting an odor that sickens almost everyone. They can also change their skin color to blend into their surroundings, making them difficult to spot. Finally, they can use their darkvision to pierce the darkness up to 90 feet.

As a race, troglodytes are ruled by their strongest member and are considered barbaric humanoids.

Troglodytes are watched over by Laogzed.

Troglodytes primarily speak Draconic.

Troglodytes prefer to remain underground where they can use their darkvision, but often come to the surface to raid.


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