Tharr 090

2nd of Soha, 2328 HR

We woke up, met, and headed to the adventurer’s guild. There was good news upon arrival- the reward for the gnoll job the previous evening had already been processed and authorized by the city. We got:

600 gold coins
1 violet garnet (500 gold value)
1 fire opal (1000 gold value),
1 orb
1 scroll

The orb- the orb…

There was some sort of temporal disparity here. It could be a leftover effect of the Loremaster’s spell. Perhaps he loosened our hold on this reality. Because, you see, I remember that orb…

They told us the orb from another adventuring group. It was a black, fist sized orb, slightly greasy to the touch.

I seem to recall it was a soul void orb- it does some terrible stuff to whomever you shatter in front of. It scrambles their personal essence.

I wonder- was it dropped? I don’t know. Because, despite recalling it in vivid detail, I have a different set of memories for the same pile of loot. This one seems to dominate because I still have it to this day…

An irregularly shaped piece of natural amber on a gold chain. A tiny creature twitched inside- it looked like a praying mantis.

When you need a little help from a giant praying mantis- the command word is Mantis Go. It works once a day. It was called an Amulet of Vermin- Giant Preying Mantis

There the disparity in memory and reality ends.

I cast read magic and look at the scroll in both memories. It was a scroll of invisibility.

Well, we went on to take a look at the Member’s Only Job Board:

Wizard who needs help was still there.

There was a new one: Local merchant had a run in with a creature- wanted to recover it’s lost goods.

Resembling a gangly human merged with a bloated spider. Coming through- took a short cut- past a burrow and this creature came out of it and he abandoned his wagon.

Sounds similar to an aberration humanoid spider thing.

We decided to check the wizard’s tower first. And we were off!

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Tharr 090

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