Sylvan has many possible meanings. First, it means woodlands in general- the lands that the faerie folk share with elves, druids, werebears, and other creatures who peacefully maintain the richness of the home of the fey.

It also means a magical place hidden very deep in the heart of the woodlands, a deep sylvan realm where only the faerie folk know how to travel. Here, other creatures are rare visitors; some few do stumble in, losing their sense of direction and time, and a very select few might even be guided by a faerie creature into these special places.

On very rare and propitious occasions, avatars of the Seelie Court may themselves meet on one of the crystal spheres of the Material Plane, below earthly mounds marked by faerie rings. The location of such settings is carefully guarded among he faeries, who do not even speak to elves of such secret things. The settings are almost impossible to map since they may co-exist in a space with mundane worldly settings. Titania’s magic maintains these special places.


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