slow shadow


Slow shadows are akin to normal shadows, and like their brethren are creatures of living darkness. Like many other incorporeal undead, they exist primarily on the Plane of Negative Energy.

Slow shadows appear as pitch-black amorphous blobs of darkness. They are difficult to see in dark or gloomy areas but stand out in brightly illuminated places.

Slow shadows hide in dark recesses, waiting for living prey to pass by, before springing out to attack. They attach themselves to their victims and attack using their incorporeal touch. Multiple slow shadows may attach to a single opponent, thereby accumulating the cold damage dealt, but not the slow effect.

Any humanoid slain by a slow shadow becomes a slow shadow spawn under control of its killer within a few minutes. If remove curse is cast on the body before the elapsed time, the creature will not rise as a slow shadow.

slow shadow

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