samurai.jpgSamurai are known for their matchless bravery and strict code of honor known as bushido. Their reputation for tenacious fighters often makes enemies flee at their mere sight. They must always serve their daimyō or lord. If they do not, they become houseless ronnin. Sometimes, in order to regain their honor, they may commit seppuku.

A samurai’s skills are based around their weapons- primarily the katana and wakizashi, which together make up the daishō, as well as the tantō. Classically trained samurai master the art of iaidō or the technique of drawing their sword.

His skills also allow him to wield his weapons with power as well as intimidate his foes.

27-TRM Information

On Materia, samurai culture has reached its zenith in Keshiki.

Known Samurai
Vanyl Cormandor
Jader Bladewind



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