ogre mage


Ogre mages look like big, demonic humans. They have green skin, dark hair, and a brace of short ivory horns which protrude from their forehead. Their eyes are dark with white pupils and their teeth and claws are Stygian black.

Ogre mages are more dangerous and intelligent than their lesser cousins, ogres. More often than not they are surrounded and guarded by their dim-witted kin. Cruel and rapacious by nature, they often lead organized raids for food, treasure, and slaves. While smarter than most, they still are considered barbaric humanoids

Ogre mages have several magical abilities they can use at will which includes turning invisible, flying, and turning into gas. They also have some limited regeneration ability and can call upon magical cold. Finally, they can see up to 60 feet in the dark.

Ogre mages speak at least Common and Giant.

While ogre mages enjoy cold hills, they may have a lair anywhere that is defensible and where they can hide their hoard. Their homeland can be found in Keshiki.

ogre mage

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