If there were one word that described everything completely it would be the word Multiverse. This term includes all planes in existence, non-dimensional space, and everything in between as well as every possible alternate reality. Different planes have access to the furthest reaches of the multiverse, especially those infinite in size, allowing travelers to switch between realities with relative ease. Such travel though is considered to be extremely dangerous since one reality is a foundation on which they build their existence and when you changed the most basic of rules, the consequences can be devastating.

One of the most unique places in the multiverse is the city of Tolgard that was removed from all realities. It “exists” only in the basic definitions of the multiverse in a non-reality space just big enough to encompass the city. Tolgard’s Gateway Grid is said to have access to all realities with relative ease.

For the longest time, sages operated under a completely different understanding of the multiverse called the crystal sphere theory which has since been proven to contradict the understanding provided from Tolgaran knowledge.

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The Multiverse

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