Minotaurs usually stand over seven feet tall and weigh around seven hundred pounds. Covered in shaggy fur, they have cloven hooves and their hands end in claws. They also have sharp horns and a tail which completes their similarity to bulls. They are considered barbaric humanoids as well as monstrous humanoids.

How the race was created few speculate, but most agree some type of transmutation magic was involved. Wherever this hybrid cam from, their success as a tribal race cannot be denied. While their herds seem to be small, they can be found on most continents of Materia.

Minotaurs are intelligent, but can be a little bull headed. They love to fight, favoring great axes for their hands, but are never above lowering their heads for a charge or using their naked claws to pierce and rend their foes. Retaining much of their bestial nature, their sense of smell is acute and helps them find prey even when their eyes have been deceived. Their direction sense is uncanny and often gets them jobs guarding labyrinths and other complexes that would confuse and befuddle even the most experienced spelunkers.

Minotaurs are watched over by Baphomet.

Minotaurs usually speak Giant, but occasionally are taught the Common tongue.

Minotaurs claim not particular homeland, but can often be found as guards on caravans and within the labyrinthine depths of dungeons.

Famous Minotaurs


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