Melvin Meadows


Melvin Meadows (17th of Kren, 2289 HR – 7th of Juke, 2319 HR)

Melvin Meadows, a bovetin of some small repute, was born on the 17th of Kren in the small village of Ice Meadows in northern Lesherac. His parents both worked The Trapper’s Delight general store there, so he was exposed to more of the world than most of his childhood friends. In fact, a visiting sorcerer noted his small affinity with magic and brought him back to his home in Frunnoffle to train as his apprentice. Seeing a way to escape their well loved, yet icy, prison his parents gave him their blessing.

While he tried his hand at the arcane arts, the spells kept skittering away just out of his reach. After his sticky fingers got him in trouble yet again, and seeing little progress in his pugnacious pupil, the elderly sorcerer threw Melvin out.

Luckily, a local guild had been watching events unfold and saw a different kind of potential in this shaggy failure. Desperate for work and a place to live, Melvin accepted their offer and became a spell thief. After working hard for eight years, he finally managed to pay off the debts of his training and set out to see the world.

In time the trails led him to the kingdom of Cragon and the town of Forestedge. There he joined with a small band of adventures and began to make a name for himself.

=Recent Events=
Melvin was recently murdered on the 7th of Juke, 2319 HR by a bovetin that bore a startling resemblance to Kitara Bullrusher. Killed in cold blood while sleeping, his body and personal effects were shipped back to his hometown of Ice Meadows in the far and cold north of Lesherac.

Melvin’s Memoirs

Duke Stomphoof

Charista Moscow
Kitara Bullrusher

Last Known Location
Forestedge in the kingdom of Cragon on the continent of Lesherac, murdered.

Melvin Meadows

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