Lycanthropes are giants or humanoids that can shapeshift into that of an animal. When in their natural form lycanthropes look like any other member of their race, although they may have features reminiscent of their animal form. Common animal forms include bears, boars, rats, tigers, and wolves.

There are two basic types of lycanthrope: natural and afflicted. Natural lycanthropes were born with the ability to change form of one or more parents with the disease. Afflicted lycanthropes become infected from another lycanthrope with lycanthropy. Over time they master more aspects of their new form and get better at controlling their transformations.

According to rumor, lycanthropes can only be killed with silver weapons.


Rumored Afflicted Lycanthropes
Gonahnadel Moonsong
Charista Moscow
Kitara Bullrusher
Sol Nightrider
Will Clark


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