Lester Brightbill


Lester Brightbill (2288 HR – Present)

Lester Brightbill was born in the town of Talisman. Upon the death of his father in 2302 HR he decided he was tired of slumming in his one horse hometown and decided to relocate to Oasis at Tweuna. He certainly found the rude entertainments available in Talisman charming but even the glitter of House Valleron, allied with his family for the past 300 years, could not keep him there.

Like all true nobility he never had to work a day in his life. Any business venture he engaged in were purely for his own entertainment and, when the newness faded, he passed them off to one of his underlings to manage.

His current distraction, as of 2318 HR, was a new gemstone venture. He had hired the finest dwarven miners to obtain the stones, the best gnomish gemsmiths to cut them, and an army of halflings to distribute these new stones, mostly fire opals and blue diamonds, all across the world. He always had a great interest in commodities, and the sparkle of gemstones has caught his eye- for the moment, at least.

Like most enlightened humans of his high station he realized that all races are created equal- and humans were created to rule over them all. He took great delight in giving the lesser races a taste of greatness in his empire of coin.

Still, well aware of the noblesse oblige that comes with high station, he had always been careful to help out the lesser races. Why, he not only hired them to wait upon him but he also had the scraps of his table set out for the rabble on a regular basis. He was truly a saint in his own mind.

Lady Aida “Nadia” Valleron

House Brightbill
House Valleron

Last Known Location
Lake District in the Oasis at Tweuna.

The modest estate Lester Brightbill built for himself on the south east corner of the lake district’s main island in Oasis.

Lester Brightbill

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