Lesherac is one of the continents on the world of Materia. It is located to the west of Versat across the Emerald Sea. It is said by dusty tomes and dustier sages that this is the homeland of the giants and giant-kin.

Lesherac consists of three kingdoms, Averus, Cragon, and Fedonia which have for most of their history been at war or a heightened tension with each other. Averus consists mostly of a civilization called the Cowlen with Fedonia consisting mostly of the lesharan humans. The middle kingdom, Cragon, has a mixture of the two civilizations called the Humoo with a third civilization, the Venar, living within its territories.

Before the continent was divided into kingdoms, the north part of Lesherac was occupied by the bovetins and the south part by the humans with a community of ven somewhere in the middle. As each civilization spread out, they eventually met each other in the central part. Where as most could live in peace with the other race, a few more extreme members of each civilization felt their rich heritages were being corrupted by the influence of the other. Where it is not clear which side struck first, or whether an outside influence set things in motion, a war broke out between the now established kingdoms of Averus and Fedonia.

The fighting was harsh and for the most part pointless. The mixture of humans and bovetins in the central part of the continent that were able to live together grew tired of the constant battles on their lands and their friends and family being attacked by the extremist armies of the opposing race.

They eventually took a stand against the armies of Fedonia and Averus and formed their own army to fight back the others. Those living together in harmony easily outnumbered both Fedonia and Averus, and so they began to win back territory which was now controlled by this new army calling themselves the Humoo. They established the kingdom of Cragon, its boundaries defined by the land taken back from the two other kingdoms and began the Cragon Independence War.

After many years of battling, the newly formed kingdom of Cragon had grown to cover a larger section of the land of Lesherac then either of the other kingdoms. Eventually the size of Cragon got large enough that the Cragon army could no longer advance the front-line. Borders were established for the three kingdoms and great walls were created to better defend these boundaries. The two other kingdoms no longer had any significant interaction with each other being completely cut off from the opposite side of Lesherac. This unfortunately did not stop their blood lust for they merely turned their efforts towards Cragon. Cragon, having to battle on two fronts, set themselves in for a long battle ahead.

Not much has changed in the many hundreds of years since the three kingdoms and their boundaries were established. There are points in their history where war gave way to heightened tension back to war for decades at a time. Mostly the battles of old have faded to a new type of warfare: trying to destroy the other kingdoms from within with networks of spies and saboteurs.

The continent of Lesherac is divided into the following three kingdoms:

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