Keshiki is one of the continents in the world of Materia. It is located southeast of Versat and south of Sarcosa, across the Sapphire Sea. Developed as an isolated culture for many centuries, tradition and styles are different from that of Versat. As travel has become more common, the cultures have grown more similiar.

The people of the continent look like their western counterparts, but with distinct regional variations similar in subtlety to the differences between high elves and wood elves. This gives them a slight exotic appearance to western races that, in many, inspire feelings of mystery and intrigue, and in others feelings of fear or hatred.

Many denizens of Versat find the Keshikian ways interesting and have studied their unique techniques and tactics. The city of Ching in Eastern Versat has a promenent Keshiki feel to it incorporating a notable amount of Keshikian culture within its walls

In Keshiki, keeping with the traditional ways, some have remained trained in use of traditional keshiki weapons, armors, and arts.


It is widely thought that the three main islands that make up Keshiki at one time were all part of one land mass. What may have formed the cracks within the landmass forming the seperate islands is up for debate by historians.

From 2112 HR to 2313 HR, North Keshuna and South Keshuna were at war, trying to claim more of the landmass for their respective countries. The war lasted 201 years ending with the signing of the Setting Half-moon Truce in Mizunah.

Zegara and Amawa were mostly unaffected by the conflict because they weren’t connected by any landmass and have sheer cliff walls facing the main landmass of Keshuna. It was difficult to move any significant number of soldiers to the islands, and so the local people were able to keep back and invaders or trouble.

The continent of Keshiki is divided into the following regions:

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