Katana’s are swords or edged weapons. They are also one of the Traditional Keshiki Weapons used by samurai. They are sheathed in wooden scabbards called saya that were usually lacquered and often decorated, which reflects the artistry poured into the creation of these weapons. The belt the samurai wear is called an obi. The cord used for tying the saya to the obi is called sageo.

The katana, together with the wakizashi, are called daishō.

The tip of a katana is called Kissaki . The back of the blade is called mune . The flat of the blade is called shinogi-ji . The edge of the blade is called Ha-saki . The guard of a katana is called a tsuba. The tang of a katana is called nakago and the hilt is called tsuka-ito . The pommel of a katana is called nakagojiri which is literally the end shape of the sword’s tang.


Famous Wielders
Vanyl CormandorSamurai Warrior
Jader BladewindSamurai Sensei



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