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Kingdom of Cragon on the continent of Lesherac

The Humoo civilization can be traced back to its origins deep within the current location of the kingdoms of Averus and Fedonia. The two separate civilizations of the Cowlen consisting of bovetin and the lesheran humans consisting of humans, developed on opposite sides of the continent of Lesherac.

As each civilization grew, they expanded in all directions on the continent only stopping when they hit mountains or water. This exploration over many hundreds of years eventually had the two civilizations meet in the middle of the continent. Although there was a language barrier, it was eventually gaped by the smarter of the explorers on both sides and sharing of their cultures began.

Since further exploration was not feasible since both groups had met at this point exploring and colonizing as they went, the two civilizations started to develop together better ways to live upon the land.

As such is always the case, some of the more extreme members of each side started to have doubts about merging with the other seeing the tainting and distorting of their way of life as something that would have to be stopped. These extremist members of the humans and bovetin, having formed separate kingdoms, started to fight each other. Where most were content to just live together, these racial factions would not let the issue rest and each managed to gain control of the ruling parties of their kingdoms to wage a war against each other.

The battles between the two kingdoms raged on for many years fought by warriors on each side that were just following orders given to them under the guise of protecting their way of life. Those that were already living together peacefully wanted no part of this fight but were hounded at every turn by both kingdoms. Being the silent majority, and seeing their lands and lives together ruined by this war in their backyards, they eventually had to stand up for themselves and formed their own civilization, the Humoo to develop a solid mixture of their cultures. Needing to organize themselves, the Humoo formed a new kingdom, the kingdom of Cragon in the central part of the continent they lived upon.

The Humoo started to fight back the two other kingdoms taking back land until all three kingdoms were roughly the same size, Cragon being slightly bigger. As the Humoo gained land, they asked those living upon that land to either accept living in a harmony between the bovetin and humans or leave the land they controlled.

The two other civilizations seeing that they could not fight back the advance of the Humoo, turned their efforts inward to instill their values upon their people so they would not lose further citizens to the humoo way of life. Eventually the Humoo stopped advancing and erected large walls upon the borders of their kingdom to prevent troop movement into their newly acquired land from either kingdom.

For the most part, the real fighting has stopped, replaced by a constant uneasy peace. Large amounts of conspiracy and espionage run all throughout Cragon now as the other two kingdoms try to gain favor within Cragon.

The culture that the Humoo possess is a very nice mixture of the ways of life of the humans and bovetin that make up most of its population. Even some of the traditions of the more secluded ven who live within the kingdom have made it into the culture of the Humoo.

The architecture of the buildings also resembles a fair mixture of the building styles of the two peoples now as one.

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