Greff Stronghold


This stronghold is believed to be a base of operations for the group calling themselves Protectors. This stronghold was built along a road leading towards some northern human cities. If you follow the road north, you eventually end up at the city of Blarg.

Originally, the stronghold was occupied by a clan of gnolls called the Greff that worked for the evil necromancer, Sedric Blightning. It was liberated by the Avengers, at which point started using it as a base of operations. After the Avengers became the Protectors, they decided to continue using it as a base. Visitors to the stronghold, assuming their intentions are not hostile, may partake of a spot to rest and purchase from some of the items collected there. The hospitality is not to be missed, but sometimes the stew can be slightly hallucinogenic in nature.

Thorp (Population: 25)

Western Versat Human Territories

=Departing Roads=
North by Northwest (5 days) – Blarg
South by Southeast (3 days) – Swiftcreek

Districts and Shops

Associated People
Htaed Scythsoul – Uses the stronghold and surrounding field to test magic.
Protectors – Currently using the Stronghold as one of their bases of operation.
Avengers – Originally liberated the Stronghold from Sedric Blightning.
Greff – Group of gnolls the stronghold is named after.

Interesting Places
Temple of Saint Cuthbert

Greff Stronghold

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