The demi-god of the hyenas and hyenadons, Gorellik is chaotic evil aligned. He is known as the The Hunter, The Wandering Hyena, and The Fading God.

Gorellik appears in two different forms, although his appearances in the former are becoming more and more infrequent. In his first form he is a tall gnoll with mangy fur and beady black eyes that wields Jackaltooth, a magical halberd. Anyone struck by this weapon will probably flee from him in terror.

His second form is that of a hyenadon. He resembles a giant, mottle white primitive hyena with wicked fangs and sharp fore paws. He attacks his foes in this form with his claws and teeth. Any gnoll he bites that lacks the protection of another god such as Yeenoghu, will automatically turn into a hyenadon that is fanatically loyal to The Hunter. This can happen to other humanoids, but the chance is slight.

Gorellik is not able to cast spells in either forms. In both forms, however, he is surrounded by a small pack of hyenas and hyenadons. He also has a choking charnel smell that surrounds him that nauseates others and can charm canines. Finally, no canine creature will ever attack the Wandering Hyena and he is immune to mind affecting spells.

Gorellik rarely visits the Material Plane anymore. When he does, he seeks out bands of gnolls. Should they follow Yeenoghu, he takes great pleasure in destroying them and the Ghoul Lord’s temples. If he should stumble upon gnolls still loyal to them, he will either grant them the gift of becoming hyenadons and joining his pack or he leaves one of his powerful and highly intelligent hyenadons to serve the shaman.

His favored weapon is the halberd.

Gorellik no longer has a homeplane; instead, he wonders across the Abyss and Pandemonium

Gorellik is technically still part of the Giant Pantheon.

Gorellik was once the patron of all gnolls and was empowered by their worship. He never claimed to have created them, only to have adopted them as his chosen race. Once, in the distant past, he taught them to train hyenas and use them for hunting.

In recent times, however, most gnolls have turned to Yeenoghu instead. He has gradually lost power and prestige from an intermediate power to a lesser power and now a mere demi-power. As he has lost his followers he has become more and more bestial and spends less and less time in humanoid form.

The Fading God has few dealings with other deities nowadays; most rightfully dismiss him as a bestial has-been who barely deserves being called a power. No god, not even powers like Malar who may admire his hunting prowess and bestial ways, can truly be considered his friend or ally. The same is virtually true in regards to his enemies; no power truly considers him worthy or even worrisome enough to be called a foe. Only Yeenoghu could be considered an enemy, but the current gnoll god is so far beyond his predecessor in power that he rarely even thinks of the god he replaced, while Gorellik is so far gone that there is virtually no way the Hunter could ever be considered a threat to his successor.

Gorellik’s shamans, few though they are, are totally male gnolls and are found in small, isolate tribes. These shamans lead more bestial tribes with the threat of violence and their well trained hyenas. They wear hyena skins on ceremonial occasions and black and white mottled hyenadon skins, though rare, are highly prized.

Gorellik rarely makes the effort to send signs to his followers any more. On the sporadic occasions that he does, such omens are usually howls, laughing, or barking in the distance. If the Fading God is displeased, these may instead be snarls and growls. More concrete signals of his pleasure might be the ability to temporarily control wild canines, especially hyenas, or, as stated above, the granting of a hyenadon servant. Those who greatly anger the Wandering Hyena sometimes disappear in the night, and only their gnawed-on and picked-over bones are found in the morning. Gorellik almost never nowadays sends any other type of sign, certainly nothing so subtle as gems or other typical forms of omens.

Classification: Demi-God
God of Hyenas and Hyenadons
Domains: Animal, Summoning, Protection, Combat
Portfolio: Hunting, Hyenas, and Hyenadons
Homeplane: None; Wanders the Infinite Layers of the Abyss and the Windswept Depths of Pandemonium
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Allies: None
Enemies: Yeenoghu and Daragor


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