Gonahnadel Moonsong


Gonahnadel Moonsong (2116 HR – Unknown)

Gonahnadel Moonsong was born in 2116 HR. He spent much of her time drifting from town to town, seeking his fortune and the fortunes of others wherever he went. In time he gained the skills of a rogue and excelled in his chosen profession. But he was never happy…

While Gonahnadel was proud of his abilities and powers, he never really felt safe. He had too many close calls, too many times barely avoiding town guards, too many times nearly dying before he could gulp down a potion. Gonahnadel needed more power- he needed an edge to make it in the world. To his great surprise he would gain it, but not in a way he would ever have imagined…

As he became more and more known Gonahnadel had to travel further and further from civilization. He finally found himself at the edge of the civilized world, in a little place called Hunter’s Haven at the edge of the Gnomish Western Expanse in south central Versat. While there was little of value to be found there, Gonahnadel felt closer to his elven roots among those mighty trees and sought a small measure of peace in their tranquil shadows.

One day, while walking through the woods, he was attacked by a beast. It looked somewhat like a tiger and somewhat like a man. Gonahnadel was able to fight it to a standstill, but not without sustaining several slashes from its claws and a few bites. In the midst of the battle, a strange howling echoes and reechoed through the woods. The beast perked up, answered in kind, and loped off into the wood, leaving the beleaguered elf behind.

Gonahnadel managed to stagger back to the Haven where his wounds were dressed and he gained a small cot to rest upon. After a few days he recovered his strength and bid the lodge goodbye. As soon as the lodge disappeared behind him in the woods, though, that strange howling came again. Except this time he not only understood it but it brought changes in him as well.

Gonahnadel began to change from elf to tiger. The next few months were a blur as he happily hunted through the woods and enjoyed the position he gained in the weretiger pride. But slowly, almost as a fragmented dream, he began to recall his elven life. He worked hard at it and slowly began to master the new forms- not just that of a tiger but also an intermediate form the combined the best of the tiger and the elf. When he finally felt he could control himself, he left the woods behind and traveled west to Pang. The first time he saw a mirror there he noted that, while he still had his pale skin, his black hair and eyes had gained orange highlights; he smiled, showing a mouth full of teeth, and nodded approvingly.

Having not enjoyed the perks of civilization in quite sometime, Gonahnadel got very, very drunk. In fact she actually began to lose control and her more animal side began to show. Into this tense situation walked a willowy lass by the name of Delistra Sapphire. He was never sure if there was magic behind them, but her words soothed his heart and the beast began to retreat. She escorted him up to her room and a night of bestial passion ensued.

The next morning Delistra spoke to Gonahnadel about his lycanthropic affliction. He disagreed with her- it was exactly what he had always wanted. Power enough to never feel afraid again. But to control it…

Delistra asked if he had ever heard of the Amulet of Animus? He said he had not. She told him that it was a magic item created by a long-dead druid. The amulet was said to not only help lycanthropes control their changes but to make them more powerful without giving up their sentience. That was exactly what Gonahnadel needed and he blindly asked where he could find it.

Delistra smiled mischievously and said she was heading there now. In fact, as it was nearing the end of the month of Fate in 2317 HR, she was heading north to meet up with a group of adventurers to seek the treasures of a fortress. According to her research, the amulet was currently in one of the vaults of that fortress and she could use a strong escort…

He leapt at the opportunity and the two of them traveled north to Arturo. He kept her safe by day and she kept him happy by night. By the time they arrived in Arturo and met up with the rest of her sheep he would have done anything she said. As a group they traveled west to the fortress and most were never seen again.

Claudius Augustius Astralshade
Delistra Sapphire
Fashim Burak
KeystoneBronze Dragon

Last Known Location
West of the intersection of road between Arturo and Hayfield in a fortress in the Western Versat Human Territories.

Gonahnadel Moonsong

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