Giants are a race of, well, gigantic humanoids. While they do favor brute force over any other approach, assuming them to be stupid is the mistake many a dead adventurer has made over the years.

Some giants are quite capable of forming what could be considered complex and stable societies within their mountain homes. While they favor large, two handed weapons for close up work, a giant’s favorite tool is a thrown boulder. They have a special hatred for dwarves who often compete for giants’ mountain homes. While certainly the largest, giants are still considered barbaric humanoids. Giants look down upon giant-kin as their lesser cousins at best, and degenerate monsters that deserve little more than extermination at worst.

Giants are watched over by the Giant Pantheon.

Giants primarily speak Giant and, if they’re smart enough, Common.

Giants are primarily found in the Blitzkreig Mountains where literally dozens of tribes fight among themselves and occasionally ally with each other.

cloud giant
fire giant
frost giant
hill giant
stone giant
storm giant

Engraving of a giant.


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