Gareth Strongboard


Gareth Strongboard (? – Present)


Gareth Strongboard was born.

Gareth was born of a worker caste inside the Dwarven mountains..he grew up with his father who was a tunnel builder and his mother a tanner and seamstress. He grew up like any normal Dwarven child…until….

One Day his father took him hunting In the nearby forest..he was enthralled by the trees and open air..on this hunt they came across a bear…the bears ferocity and raw power of the bear..his own inner fire burned hotter…

Over the next few years he learned to wrestle..fight and harness his inner rage…he didn’t focus on his studies except when it came to survival and stories of wilderness especially bears..

At 15 he left home and started to wander the island in search of ways to become more like the bear he saw..he has done odd jobs when he came across information about a group who call themselves “Guardians of the Green” and seeks them out to join their ranks as a Fist of the Forest and become more in tune with Bear he admires so much..

Gareth arrives in Suki.

Martha Strongboard – Mother
Rishard Strongboard – Father


Bar Wenches and Flaggons of Ale.


Taverns ..taverns…taverns.

Anyone who stands in his way…pisses him off..or whomever I need to to but food and ale into his belly.

Important Locations

Taverns. ..Taverns….Taverns

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Gareth Strongboard

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