Fharlanghn, the god of travel, distance, roads, and Horizons is neutral. His title is Dweller on the Horizon . Fharlanghn’s wayside shrines are common on well-used roads. Bards, wandering adventurers, sailors, and merchants favor Fharlanghn.

He wanders the world in person, his petitioners present in spirit form at crossroads and in mysterious oasis’. His symbol is a disk with a curved line representing the horizon, and a upturned crescent above that.

Fharlaghn is of neutral alignment, but his worshipers can be neutral, along the good/evil or the law/chaos axis , or both.

Fharlaghn appears as an elderly man. His skin is wrinkled and weathered but his green eyes sparkle with life. He wears unremarkable, travel-stained clothing of leather and unbleached linen.

Fharlaghn can, if he wishes summon a dust quasi-elemental, earth elemental, magma paraelemental, or ooze paraelemental to serve him. He cannot be harmed by earth spells, and cannot be surprised while on the Material Plane.

Fharlaghn wanders the roads of the Material Plane in person. He is always willing to stop and chat, but not for long, the road calls to him, and he must continue wandering on. He occasionally travels to the Elemental Plane of Earth, but seldom enters the Elemental Plane of Air. He has the ability to travel to any inner plane, but seldom does so.

The souls of those dedicated to Fharlaghn in life remain on the Material Plane as well, often lingering and stopping near crossroads.

Journey’s End is a legendary location that few even among the faithful have ever heard of. It exists, according to myth, in the center of the largest desert in the world, a tiny, hidden oasis where temperatures are not as uncomfortable as elsewhere in the region. A copse of magical trees enhance the powers of recuperation among those who rest beneath them. Their round fist sized fruit each function as a full days rations. The beautiful waterfall there heals wounds and cures diseases. Those who swim in the crystalline pond will find that Fharlaghn himself will answer up to five simple questions that they might ask.

Fharlaghn insists that everyone travel in order to discover and learn. He urges people to look to the horizon for inspiration
The quarterstaff is his preferred weapon.

Fharlanghn calls the Material Plane home.

Classification: Deity
God of the Roads
Domains: Balance, Celerity, Luck, Portal, Protection, Travel, and Weather.
Portfolio: Horizons, Distance, Travel, Roads
Homeplane: Material Plane.
Alignment: Neutral

Known Significant Temples
Cathedral in Deepwater
Shrine in Pang
Hostel in Tremleda, Cragon, Lesherac
The Traveler’s Tranquility in Shaypek, Cragon, Lesherac
Grand Pagoda of Fharlanghn in Bichi, Amawa, Keshiki

Famous Followers
Belasarius the Bard
Christina Oswald the Cleric
Garrett Oswald the Cleric
Maestor Garrett the Cleric
Tharr Minemelter the Cleric
Zita Bonita the Swashbuckler


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