It is a difficult task to describe everything that might be considered a dungeon. A dungeon is more a concept then an actual location. A dungeon in concept is a place, almost always inside, other then a normal building used for some alternative purpose other then the normal comings and goings of daily life. Uses of dungeons vary as much as the types, but some uses include storing of materials, valuables, prisoners, area used for torture, secret meetings, secret settlements, sanctuaries, laboratories, and training grounds.

The most common example of a dungeon is a structure found underground beneath another building of older origin, such as an old castle. These structures were generally used for a number of reasons including storing of materials, prisoners, valuables, or protective hideouts.

Some of the common elements found in dungeons include the use of traps, puzzles, magic, and challenges to keep interlopers and intruders at bay. No one design element can be found in all dungeons which is why it’s more of a concept then a list of definable features.

Structure under a castle
Complex built into the side of a mountain
Underground cavern and tunnel system
Constructed pocket dimensions


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