Crypt of Blightning


crypt1st.jpgThis crypt is named after the evil necromancer Sedric Blightning. The crypt was where he based his operations out of during his campaign to activate an artifact during a vile ritual. This ritual, if completed, would have spelled disaster for the world.

Sedric Blightning was defeated before he could complete his ritual by the Avengers when they stormed the crypt complex with an army they had gathered. Although Blightning had prepared for an assault by raising an army of undead, he was not prepared for a large group of gnoll, the Greff, siding with his attackers. The gnoll were able to assist the Avengers enough for them to make it past the undead army.


Wastelands of the Damned in the Western Versat Human Territories.

Related People
Sedric Blightning – Used the crypt as his base of operations.
Avengers – Took control of the crypt from Blightning.

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Crypt of Blightning

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