These are but a few of the Armors that can be found on the Material Plane. Conflict takes many forms in these lands, and almost all use one or more types of armor.

Banded Mail Armor – Armor with overlapping plates of metal defending critical locations.
Breastplate Armor – Suit of armor that includes a breastplate among other things.
Chain Shirt Armor – Lesser form of chain mail armor- more flexibility, less protection.
Chain Mail Armor – Full suit of interlocking metal rings called chain mail.
Full Plate Armor – The heaviest protection available and the ultimate in plate armor.
Half-Plate Armor – This partial suit of full plate offers most of the protection for less cost.
Hide Armor – Stiff armor made from layers of leather and hide.
Leather Armor – Armor made from leather; easy to move around in.
O-Yoroi – Heavy, inflexible armor used by samurai.
Padded Armor – Armor made of thick, quilted cloth; easy to move around in.
Scale Mail Armor – Overlapping metal scales over a leather base.
Shell Mail Armor – Ornamental armor rarely seen except beneath the waves.
Splint Mail Armor – Sturdy leather armor with metal strips and chain mail.
Studded Leather Armor – Leather armor reinforced with metal studs.

Buckler – The smallest basic type of shield.
Dastana – A bracer-like piece of armor, similar in function to a buckler.
Heavy Shield – A moderately large basic type of shield.
Light Shield – A moderately small basic type of shield.
Pavise – A type of tower shield used by archers.
Tower Shield – The largest basic type of shield.

Armet – A type of helmet that fully encloses the head.
Barbute – Variation of the great helm with a ‘T’ shaped opening in the front.
Bascinet – A dog-faced helmet with a very distinct design.
Burgonet – A helmet with a distinctive brim.
Cervelliere – A skull cap that extends upwards to a point.
Great Helm – Large helmet that totally covers the head, sometimes with a smaller helm beneath, used in jousting.
Jingasa – Type of helmet commonly worn by ashigaru.
Kabuto – Type of helmet commonly worn by samurai.
Mail Coif – A chain mail cowl.
Nasal Helm – A cervelliere with additional nose protection.
Sallet – Helmet with an extended guard projecting from the back of it.
Spangenhelm – A nasal helm with cheek flaps.
Steel Cap – The modern day incarnation of the basic skull cap.
Thief Helmet – Specialized helm that amplifies sounds.

Gauntlets – Reinforced metal gloves to keep your hands safe.
Locked Gauntletsgauntlets that help defend against being disarmed.
MitonsChain mail gloves.
Spiked GauntletsGauntlets designed for punching.

=Arms and Shoulders=
Ailettes – A piece of armor that fits over the shoulder.
Besagews – Rounded bits of armor that protects the armpit from attack.
BracersMagical armor worn on the wrists.
Couters – Armor that protects the elbow.
Pauldrons – Extensive shoulder armor that protects the armpit, upper arm, as well as part of the back and chest.
Rerebraces – Arm armor that protects the upper arm.
Spaulders – Protects the shoulder and upper arm but only the outside, front, and back of it.
Vambraces – Tubular armor that protects from wrist to elbow, usually connected to upper arm armor.

=Lower Body=
Boots – Reinforced shoes to keep you feet safe.
Boots of Elvenkind – Boots that help keep you quiet.
Boots of Expeditious Retreat – Boots that help you move faster.
Chausses – Chain mail leggings.
Cuisses – Thigh armor.
Faulds – Armor that protects the waist and hips.
Greaves – Strapped on leather or metal plates to protect your shins.
Poleyn – Knee armor.
Sabatonplate armor for the foot.
Schynbalds – Lower leg plate armor.
Shoes of Spider Climb – Slippers that help you walk up walls.
Tassets – Armor that protects the upper legs.

Aventails – Type of chain mail neck protection.
Breastplate – Heavy piece of metal armor that covers the chest and waist.
Brevors – Piece of plate armor designed to protect the neck.
ByrnieChain mail garment extending to the waist.
Cheek Flaps – Pieces of head armor that hangs down from the skull cap of helmets, providing protection to the sides of the face and head.
Comb – Ridge on helmets.
Cuirass – Body armor with a breastplate as well as a backplate.
Culet – Armor protecting the lower back and buttocks.
Falling Buffes – A type of visor that lifts up instead of down.
Gorgets – Metal collar to protect the neck.
GoussetChain mail used to connect parts of armor, usually to defend joints and points of flex.
HaubergeonChain mail garment extending to mid-thigh.
HauberkChain mail garment extending to the knee.
Lam├ęs – Sheets of metal used to make pieces of plate armor.
Rondels – Circular piece of armor that often protect connecting leather straps.
Skull Caps – The minimum component of any helmet that protects the top of the head.
Vervelles – Metal staples that attached aventails to helmets.
Visors – Mobile part of a helmet that protects the eyes.
Wrappers – Component of head armors that protect the chin.

Arm Armors
Body Armors
Hand Armors
Head Armors
Lower Body Armors

Chain Mail
Studded Leather

Shield Spikes – These metal skewers make shields more effective in battle.
Armor Spikes – These metal skewers make body armors more effective in battle.
Armorsmith – Worker who makes armor for a living.
Riveting – Process by which some plate armor is made.
Barding – Special armor built for a mount.
Tanner – Expert who makes leather, studded leather, and tans hide.


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