Amethysts are the most valuable of the quartz gemstones and are normally facet cut into brilliant shape. Related to agates and other less valuable quartzes, amethysts vary in purple hue from a lilac color to a royal purple, but the rich deep purple stones are most remembered and valued. Such stones are called by some the crown of kings because many kings in olden times restricted the use of this gemstone to those of royal blood.

Amethysts are supposed to ward off drunkenness and convert poisons to harmless substances. These abilities are folk belief, not truth. Because of their attributed capabilities, these fancy stones are usually used as ornaments for mugs and chalices, particularly those used by nobles.

Amethyst is one of the “nine secrets”— types of gemstones that can be transformed into ioun stones by the proper spells —and also serves as ink ingredient or spell component in magics involving the communication of messages. Amethyst represents safety when seen by seers, and romance when seen in the dreams of women.

Part of the gemstone system, amethysts are recognized as having a set value by merchants all over Materia of 100 gold coins. This means, along with the coin system, these gemstones are accepted at almost every store in Materia.

An amethyst is worth:

1/5th of a violet garnet.
1/10th of a fire opal.
1/50th of a blue diamond.

It takes:

5 amethysts to equal one violet garnet.
10 amethysts to equal one fire opal.
50 amethysts to equal one blue diamond.

In the coin system, an amethyst is worth:

10,000 copper coins
1,000 silver coins
100 gold coins
10 platinum coins



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