Allium Canadense


Allium Canadense (2293 HR – Present)

Introduced at a young age to the life of the rogue, Allium’s youth was anything but easy. Hardship after hardship hardened her to the pains of life and dulled her within. When she was older, she decided to get out of the small town she had grown up in and see the world, hoping to find some sort of hope.

Upon reaching the very next town over, as she was searching out a place to stay for the night, she was attacked by and unknown man and left for dead in the alley next to the inn. Happening upon Allium right after the attack were two others who came to her assistance, Nadia and Clavidicus. They offered to share a room at the inn with Allium, which she quickly accepted, having not fully recovered from the attack.

That night, she had horrible dreams about the man that attack her, where he seemed to beckon her to follow. She developed a fever that gave her quite an amount of suffering, and just when she thought she could bear the pain no longer, suddenly all of the pain was gone. She feel into a most deep sleep after that, void of any bad dreams.

Early the next morning the three departed the inn and were not heard from for some time.

A couple years later, Allium was seen in an inn in the south looking for Nadia and overheard beckoning her to return to Precosia to assist with an issue that had arisen with Clavidicus. Hurrying off into the night, again the two fell off the radar.

Months later, Allium showed up at a camp site where Nadia and her recent traveling companions were resting. Nadia told Allium that she would like her to accompany her back to Talisman, and with a couple words of departure, they headed back to Nadia’s hometown.

=Recent Events=
Allium was recently seen in Talisman in the company of a group of adventurers. She seems to have taken a shine to a pale fellow with a brace of rapiers.

Domynik Darkshadow – Blood is thicker than water.

Velphia Moonblossom
Cassandra Valleron
Hogie Quintestca
Diedrum Dunan
Crystal Waters

Clavidicus the Bold
Nadia Valleron

Last Known Location
Talisman in the Western Versat Human Territories.

Allium Canadense

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