Alaghi are intelligent, monstrous humanoids live in forests. They are relatively shy and peaceful, killing only for food and self defense.

Alaghi are barrel chested with short necks and wide, flat heads crowned with sloping brows. They have broad shoulders with long, powerful arms. They have short, strong legs with large hands and feet. Their entire body is covered with thick fur which is usually either blond, reddish brown, or charcoal gray. Adults are usually about six feet tall and weigh about 300 pounds. A typical lifespan ranges from 75 to 85 years.

Most speak a dialect of Sylvan.

Most alaghi use stone weapons, mostly daggers and hand axes as well as wooden javelins for hunting and butchering animals. Depending upon their locations, small tribes of alaghi use either flint or obsidian for their weapons and tools.

Alaghi worship Alaggoth above all other gods.


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