Zegaran Adventurers

Zegaran Adventurers Guild

The Zegaran Adventurers Guild is based off the island of Zegara, part of Keshiki. The guild has a guildhall in every settlement on the island with it’s headquarters located in the metropolis of Whisper. The guild has also expanded on to the mainland of Keshiki, North and South Keshuna.

The guild acts as an intermediary between those who need a difficult task done and the guild members who at their own risk attempt to resolve the task. The guild holds the reward in escrow to be awarded to the first person or group that completes the task. The guild has offered jobs from everyone including farms, cities, or even the guild itself.

The guild keeps track of its members’ actions across the guildhalls with the use of customized magic stones called ZAG stones. These stones can also communicate with the guild headquarters any pending jobs.

Each guild member joins by completing an introductory job before receiving their guild rings. After completion of a sequence of jobs, a member gets additional stones for their ring before eventually upgrading to a higher tier ring. Guild membership perks as you progress through the guild ranks is access to jobs, shop discounts and valuable information.

Zegaran Jobs

=Known Guildhalls=

=Advancement Schedule=

Tier Gem Jobs Done
Copper 1
Amber 3
Amethyst 5
Jade 7
Silver 9
Aquamarine 12
Pearl 15
Violet Garnet 18
Gold 21
Sapphire 25
Ruby 29
Fire Opal 33


Zegaran Adventurers

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