When a wizshade appears, first a swirling vortex of many colors about eight feet in diameter is seen and their incorporeal nature cannot be denied. Out of this vortex rises what appears to a male human wizard garbed in a robe and clothing of the same bright color. The bottom ends of his robes seem to swirl into the vortex.

These outsiders are able to leave the confines of the vortex; however this is rarely done. The wizshade’s vortex is connected via a nearly imperceptible umbilical cord to the phlogiston. The vortex can be closed or opened at the wizshades will, however the vortex remains in the same location. A wizshade that leaves it’s vortex can be captured which is why this is rarely done. Anyone stepping into the open vortex it transported to the other end of the vortex which is in the phlogiston.

Wizshades have been found in certain gemstones, most commonly jet.


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