Wizard's Duel


A wizard’s duel, or spell duel, is a highly ritualized form of magical combat. Similar to fight clubs, wizard duels have been known to even take place in such locals. The difference between the two types of events lie in the way the battle is handled and who participated in it.

The idea of a spell duel is to truly test the arcane might of two spell casters. In order to do this, a one on one battle is agreed upon by both parties. The reason for these battles are many- some fight for honor, some fight for money, and some just fight for fun. Whatever the reasons are, many limitations are in place and even more are agreed upon before the rumble begins.

The better duels occur in a magically shielded location so that their the dangerous energies they unleash will not hurt the witnesses, spectators, or town in which the fight occurs. Once a challenge has been given and accepted, the two mages decide on the time and place to meet- usually within a protected ring or secluded spot, but battles on other, dangerous planes are not unheard of. They also decide whether the bout will be lethal or non-lethal, although the later is no guarantee of survival for either party.

While there is some regional variability, there is a basic sequence of events that happens with each duel. Both parties arrive at the dueling grounds one hour before the bout and are not allowed to cast any spells in that time. When the battle is to begin, the officials give an agreed upon signal. The first action the duelists can take is to cast a spell on themselves. The second action they take is to prepare themselves for the coming fight or perhaps choose to counterspell. Finally, the duel begins.

Wizard's Duel

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