Windghosts are alien creatures with frightening powers. They appear as large, flying cones, their head a large base 8 feet in diameter, tapering upwards 24 feet in length to the top of the cone shape. The hard body is rough and mottled yet flexible, and smoky-gray to purple in color. They have two large, white, pupil-less eyes that can see far with darkvision, and can see into the Astral and Ethereal planes. The bottom of the cone is dominated by a large maw of many teeth, similar in arrangement to a shark’s mouth. On either side of the mouth is a retractable tentacle 4-20 feet in length, used to hold prey or carry items; these tentacles are strong, but incapable of being used to cause damage. The windghost’s name comes from their ability to glow in the dark – where they are seen as ghosts, that move like the wind.

Windghosts are an enigma, and their purpose in life is as yet unknown. It is believed by some scholars that they exist to serve a secretive god, but even this is uncertain. They live extremely long lives, drifting along and admiring the beauty of life below them. They seem to have no natural enemies, and do not hunt for food, though they do eat anything that they kill or any carrion they find.

Windghosts may know a language of their own, but are known to speak Common in a hissing voice that rumbles like a heavy wind.

The alien nature of a windghost’s mind makes it impossible to know why and when it might attack. If an adventurer encounters one, his best hope is that the windghost is in a good mood. Windghosts start an attack by swooping swiftly out of the sky, to swallow its foes. Swallowed prey is whirled about in the corrosive fluids of the creature’s mouth, suffering acid damage, then spat out.

Windghosts make a harmonious droning sound when within 90 feet of each other, called their windsong. This sound is quite loud and makes concentration difficult. A windghost also has the ability to cause a magic shift. It can move magic-dead areas and wild magic areas around to envelop itself or others, or to otherwise suit its needs.

It also has the ability to create a field, called warp dweomer, that intercepts magical effects from spells, spell-like abilities, and items in use, and move their area of effect. This allows the windghost to change who the spell is targeted on or where the effect occurs. Windghosts are immune to all mind-influencing effects, including mind-reading. Their resistance to magic also applies to all psionic probes and attacks.


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