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=Wiki Policies=
Some policies to clarify how to approach editting here.


  • If an entry does not have more then a good solid paragraph of information for it, then it should not be made an entry itself. Examples would be insignficant NPCs like named shopkeepers that don’t have any significance other then to give the face that you’re selling to a slightly more personable feel.

  • In general, you should not affect the general flow or concept being presented when editing an entry specific to another user. This would include for example rewriting the history of a character because you remember it differently. In cases where you have something substantial to contribute and it would be a loss to not make the changes, start a discussion on that page so that input of the collective can decide whether such changes would be helpful.


  • Linking on a page should generally follow a simple linking strategy. Link the first occurence of a unique term. Repeated appearances of that term should not be linked to except in cases where the term appears in one of the lower sections, such as refering to a friend in your story block and then again linking to them in the friends list at the bottom. This policy is to minimize the unnecessary links to make the entry more readable.


  • Proper nouns should be capitalized, such as names of people, places, and unique things that there is only one of in the world. Additionally, languages and nationalities should be capitalized, such as the Elven language or a Sarcosan sorcerer. Classes, prestige classes, races, civilizations, mass-produced magic items, spells, and spell schools among others should not be capitalized.

wiki policies

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