Whisper is the largest settlement on the island of Zegara, part of the continent of Keshiki. Whisper contains the headquarters of the Zegaran Adventurers guild, an adventuring guild spread across all of Zegara and parts of mainland Keshiki. Whisper has a heavy magic item trade industry that has caused the average price

Metropolis (Population 27,775)

Zegara island of Keshiki.

=Departing Roads=
Northwest (4 days) – Inferno, 1 day to Arrowfall Inn
Northeast (3 days) – Deepshade
Northeast (6 days) – Firefeather
Southwest (1/2 day) – Xi

Districts and Shops

  • Guild District – Major Guildhalls
    • Zegaran Adventurers Guild Headquarters
    • Caveforge Guild
    • RARE Office
  • Merchant District – Merchant Trade District
    • Larr’s Leathers
  • The Forlorn – One of the Slums
  • Civility District – One of the Noble Districts
    • Splish Splash I Was Taking a Bath House
  • Magic District – Trade of Magic Items
  • Divinity District – Temples and areas of worship
  • University District – Contains the 3 universities found within city limits
  • Professionals District – Mercenaries and hirelings
    • Whisper Couriers – Most reputable/oldest in the city
  • North Tavern and Inn District
  • South Tavern and Inn District

Associated People
Halgut Caveforge – Caveforge Guild – Artisans/Mine Construction Company

Interesting Places
Zegaran Adventurers Guild Headquarters



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