A wastrel is a raven-like bird with shabby plumage mottled with gray, brown and black streaks. It looks as if it is suffering from a wasting disease. A wastrel swarm is very noisy, making loud, croaking noises. Many believe that a wastrel is created by a deity dwelling in Hades.

A wastrel swarm often attack each potential prey once to establish a bond. It then soars out of reach and follows behind lazily within range of its life leech ability.

In order to maintain the leech, the swarm must remain within an average of 100 yards from its bonded subjects each day. If it fails to do this, the bond is broken. Similarly, killing the swarm also breaks the bond.

A wastrel can locate anyone bonded by it within 1 mile. Beyond this distance, the bond is broken and must be re-establish.


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