Uridezu look like a cross between a rat and a small man. Its head is that of a rat’s, while its body is mostly humanoid, save for its long tail. Its body is completely hairless and covered in a dusky, almost pink leathery hide. Its eyes glow with a feral gleam and white saliva drips from its long, rat mouth.

Uridezu are among the most common of demons encountered outside the Abyss and are themselves counted among the tanar’ri. They are often to sent to the Material Plane by more powerful demons to act as spies and harbingers of chaos and mischief. They often set themselves up as lords of wererats or leaders of carnivorous packs of rats. Uridezu stand almost 5 and a half feet tall and weigh about 140 pounds.

Uridezu are consummate cowards. They love to set up ambushes and attack when conditions are in their favor. They especially hate fighting with even odds and often retreat until they have a better command of the situation.

Those hit by a uridezu’s bite attack are often paralyzed. Uridezu also have an inborn control over rats and dire rats. Rats and dire rats will never knowingly attack a uridezu, even if commanded to. They can also command and rebuke rats and dire rats like a cleric commands and rebukes undead. Finally, if the uridezu successfully hits an opponent with its tail slap attack it can either attempt to trip or disarm their opponent.


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