Unity is unique in that it appears to be located in a mini desert. The architecture of the city of that of an Arabian style consistent with desert regions, buildings designed to protect against constant heat.

Unity was founded by immigrants of a far away region who built the city where they were most comfortable. They had a influence over the architecture and how it developed being so involved with


Small City (Population 7,873)


North Keshuna region on the island of Keshuna in Keshiki.

=Departing Roads=

Southeast (4 days) – Mizunah
South (1 day) – Azalia

Districts and Shops

  • Sandstorm District – Bureaucratic and city buildings, temples, palaces
    • Cathedral of Flannigan
  • Wind District – Middle and Higher class citizens housing
  • The Bazaar – Shops and trade
  • Water Hole – Inns and Taverns
    • Camel’s Rest – Inn
    • The Muckhole – Dwarf Incident based evenings
  • The Fifth – Commoner District

Associated People

Lyre Chaemoira
Bizmir – Sand Giant Patrol
Megar – Sand Giant Patrol

Interesting Places



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