T’uen-rin are good aligned outsiders. T’uen-rin are the planar equivalents of the Material Plane’s ki-rin. They epitomize everything the ki-rins stand for, ceaselessly fighting against evil wherever they find it. Also like their cousins they can fly at will.

A t’uen-rin resembles its lesser kin: horselike but covered with golden scales, golden manes and tails and pink hooves and horn. Their eyes are deep purple in color. Flowers also spring up wherever a t’uen-rin’s hooves strike the ground.

T’uen-rin have many psionic abilities and are able to communicate telepathically with any creature within 160 feet that has a language. Their glory can also awe their foes.

All t’uen-rin speak all human languages.


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