A tso is related to neogi of the Material Plane. Its body is spider-like, with eight insectoid limbs and a bulging abdomen. A long, serpentine neck rises from its thorax and its head is eel-like with a mouth full of needle shaped teeth. Only its four hind limbs are used for movement, while the four fore limbs are manipulative members. Its body is hairless, covered with gleaming chitin and black leathery skin at the joints.

The tso are a race of slavers, smugglers and traders across the lawful planes. They never do anything unless there is an ironclad contract for it. They are highly social and are often accompanied by charmed slaves. Their greed is legendary. A brood of tso travels in a flying vessel shaped like a monstrous spider, called an archeon, aracheas or arachantine. They speak Neogi and Planar Trade Common.

A tso can cast spells as a wizard, preferring divination, illusion and enchantment spells. They also have a poisonous bite. Finally, they can magically enslave creatures.

Sometimes, a brood may decide that one of them is to become a mother. The rest of the brood paralyze the would-be mother and begins a series of radical body changes. Its size increases, but it can no longer move. A pregnant tso eats constantly. About 10 weeks later, between three and six young tso emerge from its body, killing the parent.


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