Toopacacery was a successful apothecary shop in the town of Forestedge. Located in Cragon near the southern edge of the Venar Wood, a lot of merchants passed through town which kept the economy in general, and Toopacacery in specific, very busy and quite profitable.

In early Fate, 2319 HR, all that changed. A mysterious fire burned the store to the ground. The flames resisted all efforts to be put out, ranging from green to purple in color, and seemed to wail at the touch of water and ice, reaching out for the casters of the fire brigade and claiming a few of their lives.

The owner left the next morning and the ruins of the business have stood rotting in the middle of town. No one has been quite crazy enough to attempt to rebuild there, or even try to clear the land. Rumor has it that the flames were demonic in origin and everyone wondered what sort of deal with the denizens of the Lower Planes the owner might have made to obtain his cheap merchandise. What he might have done to break that agreement and bring down such wrath on his business no one is willing to guess for fear of calling down that wrath upon themselves.

Ever since, strange things have happened in that location. Some say they have seen the business open and occasional visitors to town claim to have bought merchandise from the ghost store. Most assume that anything bought from there will be cursed, however…


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