The thylacine is a fearless feline predator that hunts humans and other humanoids. This solitary hunter is fearless and bold by nature, but as patient and intelligent as a human and skillfully cunning. This magical beast is also known as the jumping tiger, or the mantiger for its illusion ability.

The thylacine inhabits rocky areas and deep wooded country, where it stakes out its territory, a roughly circular region about 30 miles in diameter. These great cats have no specific lair but favor certain rest spots such as rock ledges and small, concealed caverns, or somewhat less preferably, tangled thickets and ruins. Thylacines are intelligent enough to conceal the remains of its prey, and scatter treasure on trails to serve as bait. They sometimes make alliances with other intelligent feline monsters, such as weretigers and sphinxes, but they detest creatures with canine forms.

A thylacine appears as a normal tiger, but is a smudgy, smoky-gray in color, with its coat varying slightly in uneven patches. Its black eyes allow it to see very well in all lighting conditions. Careful thylacines have a lifespan of 70 years, though violent death takes most of them long before that. Thylacine fur is prized for its value in making camouflaged coats.

Thylacines are always solitary except during mating season, where they will gather in large packs. This only occurs once about every dozen years, but lasts for months. They move en masse to isolated regions, hunting everything they see and howling loudly all the while. When the young are born and reared, the pack breaks up.

This clever hunter avoids large groups, preferring to pick targets off one by one, or attacking small, weak groups. The thylacine favors its pounce attack to bite and rend, and it is intelligent enough to recognize spellcasters and potential magic items or spell components for what they are on sight, targeting them first. It knows about all natural traps and concealment in its hunting territory, and makes full use of them against opponents. One out of five has the ability to appear as a humanoid for a short while, usually just long enough to escape.

A thylacine can jump up to 50 feet away (or a running leap or 60 feet), and up to 20 feet in the air. Its pounce is nearly silent, taking the advantage of attacking by surprise, and it lands effortlessly and safely every time.



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