Tharr 161

Drezdin 14th

We took a week to train. During that time- a little shopping:

Wand of Cat’s Grace – 4500gp – 50 charges
Whisper Discount – 4050 gp
Gareth – 1550gp
Eris – 200 gp
Xaxis – 600 gp
Lynette – 500gp
2850 contributed
I chipped in 1200 gp
Paid 4050 for Wand of Cat’s Grace

Also picked up my Snakeskin Boots and Red Dragon Tooth Dagger

We checked the job board- there are no new jobs in the silver or gold tier here in Whisper.
Wizard’s Sigil is still there.
There is one blip coming from: Inferno
I couldn’t justify going to Dukenhudiem for the info, but…

We headed north to Inferno. Half a day’s travel out of town we ran into trouble.

We came upon the scene of a pitched battle. One of them was down, four were up, one on a wagon, and four monsters.

The four monsters:
Zombie umber hulks.
Doing battle with a bunch of armored people. The woman dressed in nice clothing…

Dropped my Shield of Faith Mass
The woman in decent clothing yelled, “don’t let them get me!”
I cast Light of Mercuria. That did some damage to them…
Light of Venya
24 – 3
22 – 4

I dimensional doored over to the lady on the wagon.

We finally dropped the last three of them

One of her guards asked, “Are you alright milady?”
She angrily responded, “Why did I hire you…”

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Tharr 161

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