Tharr 160

Drezdin 6th

The trip to Whisper was uneventful. We hit the guild – yes, we have received word about the Freemantle Crypt. Looks like you’re good to receive payment.

A satchel of coins – 1400 gp
Violet Garnet (500 gp)
Coral Broach (250 gp)
Wool Tapestry (250 gp)
Two Fist Sized unworked stones that are mirror images of each other. *
(100 gp ID fee) – A pair of Sending Stones- once per day the bearer of each stone can send to the mate, know the communication has failed. (700 gp)
As part of the new expansion we plan to use these sending stones with some of our locations on this island and the mainland…
Total: 3100 gp
775 gp ea.

We have temporarily stopped accepting jobs across the city- just yesterday we sent a group out to begin the expansion into the mainland- the Pyramid group. Come back in a week.

We met a new member there- Eris Nilodian.
She shared that she is melee competent.
We are Raiders of the Forsaken Dragon- if someone doesn’t ask, tell them anyway…
“Hail, Pelorite- we have something in common…”
Turns out she hates undead as well. Considering what just happened to poor Merry that was exactly what the group wanted to hear…

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Tharr 160

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