Tharr 093

2nd of Soha, 2328 HR

The guildmaster told us they still have the merchant report on the weird hybrid creature- copper level.

There was another entry level job- someone was importing an exotic animal escaped it’s box and is tearing up the goods. It was a lion

We got the location and we went to the warehouse. The people there told us to get in there before it tears up anything.

Honestly, I don’t know why the rest of us even bothered to show up. Lynette obliterated the beast with a volley of arrows.

The owners were quite impressed, saying, “You thoroughly impressed me- a little something extra…”

When we got back the guildmaster was excited, sharing, “I heard! Add another ”/wikis/gemstone-varieties" class=“wiki-page-link”>gem to it… Should I put it all in a big bucket for you. You earned Jade level as well."

I asked the obvious question: How do we open up the next tier?

The answer? Typically to get into the next tier you have to do as many jobs as the previous job…
More specifically, two more jobs to get the next ring color. Then it will be three per stone.

The guildmaster dumped a bunch of stuff out on the table.
1100 gold,
1000 silver,
A painting (50 gold),
A vial of oil of bless weapon (60 gold),
A scroll (m) (300 gold),
A thunderstone (15 gold),
A bloodstone (50 gold),
A quality heavy wooden shield (100 gold),
An amethyst (100),
A copper anklet (100 gold),
A potion (m) (150 gold)

Hobs: 110 gold,
A potion (150 gold),
A jet gem (100 gold)

2485 gold total
497 gold each

Copper Level Ring – Maxed – Amber, Amethyst, & Jade

Xaxis donated to his church, which is less interesting, but he also donated 50 gold to the group loot, which is slightly more interesting.

Group loot: 146 gold coins

New question for the Loremaster Codex: Nerull island

“The Keshiki Cult of Nerull is particularly active in the Northern Keshuna region. Initially the cult was a lot more straight forward with its operations and but they realized the extra attention they were drawing to the region would spell disaster to their existence. They have for many years integrated themselves into the surrounding communities, often times hold positions of power within the community without overtly identifying their allegiance. If investigated closely, those who know code words and hidden symbols can find who is a member and what sites of Nerull cult friendly. As of late, there has been a sudden loss of key leadership and as a result many members are fighting for control of the cult by proving themselves with their deeds. This has led to a sudden increase in cult activity all over Keshiki.”

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Tharr 093

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