Tharr 092

2nd of Soha, 2328 HR

We headed off to first farm we came too- went to the farm owners. They shared that they’d been having some problems with a hoard of local hobgoblins. They just came over the hill on the edge of our property and started attacking our farm hands.

Sometimes there are gray areas in life but this, I daresay, is not one of those time! So refreshing…

We looked around a noticed most of the crops have been destroyed. These beasts didn’t even have the common sense to take part of what was harvested and let more grow to be taken later? Really, the sate of barbaric humanoids these days…

It seems, while death and destruction might be their stock-in-trade, stealth was most assuredly not. Oh, not to sell Gareth short- I mean, he’s doing the best he could- but even I could see the trail he was following…

Following the trail we came to the entrance to a cave. That’s when we saw the first hobgoblin. He was not, it seems, at all interested in parlay. The battle was joined- and soon over. Even his three friends could not turn the tide against us righteous few.

There was the usual looting. I mean- what use has evil for worldly possessions once it’s been banished to the lower planes for it’s well-earned eternal punishment? We found:

4 longswords
4 studded leathers
4 light shields
4 javelins
A pile of what turned out to be 1000 silver pieces
1 jet gem
1 potion

Gareth made a necklace of the eight ears and then took the corpses outside and lit them on fire.

After the battle, looting, corpse defiling, and burial of flame was finished, we spoke to the farmer. He seemed happy to hear the good news and happily gave us directions to the snake farm. It was about 30 minutes away.

We headed o the snake farm and discovered we were too late. It seems a group of adventurers had just took care of it. It seems we might have a bit of competition on this mysterious isle…

We headed back to the adventurer’s guild.

It seems word of our deeds had preceded us. The guildmaster said, “I heard you completed two jobs- impressive. You’re like that other group that came through a couple of weeks ago… They cashed in a whole bunch of quests. There was at least five or six of them. I’d only seen four of them at once.”

You never picked up your rings- Yeah, we’re gonna need a double header today. Just add the second gemstone… amethyst… one more job to the third gemstone."

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Tharr 092

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