Tharr 091

2nd of Soha, 2328 HR

The party was lucky to have me along that day. True, there were directions, but it was my geographical brilliance that got them to the wizard’s tower in record time. When we got there we learned a bit more about the situation…

The wziardling in question was there so we asked for more information. He unhelpfully told us, “Yeah- I kinda caused some problems upstairs.”

Truly as wise as he was succinct. Still, we felt that perhaps digging a bit deeper was called for. So we asked, “What is it?”

The truth stumbled forth as a blush of embarrassment colored his face. He said he was experimenting with some elemental summoning- more than I was expecting. There are two upstairs. The one I summoned was an air elemental- the other one seemed to be a worst air elemental.

Ah. Foolish mortals always want to dabble in the arcane arts… Don’t they know that the only true path to power is to seek out the divine and serve it? Ah, well…

The battle went well. The smaller one looked like a gust of wind and the larger one looked like a miniature storm. Not that it mattered- few can stand up to the might of Fharlanghn, his dedicated followers, and their sadly occasionally necessary minions.

The little wizardling seemed surprised we survived such an encounter- and in record time! Oh, I could see it in his eyes. It was there and then gone- he did his best to look the part of ancient wisdom and power, but just came off looking a bit constipated. I was surprised his voice didn’t crack when he tried to sound disinterested, sharing, “If I have any other incidents I will call…”

Then, after enjoying the warm up, we decided to go calling on some hobgoblins

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Tharr 091

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